Friday, September 15, 2017, 9:30 AM


Mark Thompson - President and C.E.O. - The New York Times Company
James Bennet - Editorial Page Editor - The New York Times
Roger Cohen - Op-Ed Columnist - The New York Times
Steven Erlanger - Chief Diplomatic Correspondent, Europe - The New York Times
Katrin Bennhold - Staff Correspondent - The New York Times
Adam Bryant - Corner Office Columnist and Editorial Director, NYTLive - The New York Times
Farah Nayeri - Culture Writer - The New York Times

Venue: Zappeion
In this interactive session, Adam Bryant leads debate with senior Times journalists on topics and questions chosen by Athens Democracy Forum delegates. 
  1. Reporting on the Trump Presidency
  2. Fake News and Alternative Facts
  3. The Future of Populism
  4. America Divided
  5. What’s Next for the European Project

In conversation with Adam Bryant, Corner Office Columnist and Editorial Director, NYTLive

Session Type

Panel Discussion